Creating a Financially Free Lifestyle

You should know that we will be sharing ideas and concepts that you may not have been exposed to in the past. In fact, even if you have a financial advisor there is a reasonable chance that you have still not heard most of what we will be sharing with you. The financial industry spends billions of dollars each year making finance appear complicated, but we will dismiss this illusion and show you how simple it really is to not only make more money, but keep more of your hard earned money to enjoy.

What we are going to share with you is information that has served our families and the families of thousands of people all around the world. While this is certainly not new information, it is information that is not taught in school, but rather is passed down by the wealthy elite from generation to generation. You will learn that many of the investing techniques in this program are very similar to the ones billionaire’s pass down to their heirs. We have made these strategies even more lucrative yet still very simple.

This is the information that inspires people to say, ‘I wish I had known that when I was younger.’ At the center of this mindset is your freedom – the want to, choose to, love it, it’s my idea, type of freedom. Allow us to compress this concept into a single sentence, and then we can unpack it again and discuss it in much more detail. The world you know is separated into two groups of people; those that control money and those that are controlled by money, or their lack of it.

You might be wondering what our background is that gives us the right to share this information with you. We are not financial advisors, but have studied and used the following principles successfully for more than 30 years. If we were financial advisors, we would not be sharing this information with you as it takes money out of the pockets of those in that industry and puts it where it belongs, in your pocket! We have been teaching people and organizations how to manage change, set and achieve goals, lead a more effectively, balance life, and to think in ways that create success since 2001. We have travelled the world multiple times as backpackers and as executives of billion dollar companies. We have created lifestyle’s that allows us to work from our homes in different parts of the world. The information we are sharing with you is the same information we guide our children with so that they too can live their lives to the fullest and sooner than later give themselves the choice to continue to work or not and live a multi-millionaire lifestyle.


So, what is financial freedom?

The Simple answer is cash flow. Meaning that when the money you spend is equal to the money you earn within a set period of time. Now we have a feeling you were thinking we were going to say that it was when you had enough money to do as you please whenever you please without having to work. Yes, that certainly is financial freedom as well, but the reality is unless you win the lottery, inherit a large sum of money or become a successful entrepreneur, that definition will only present itself in your life after 30 years of hard work and proper money management.

Why should you wait that long to be financially free? Freedom is when you can remove financial stress so you can appreciate your life and be present rather than constantly worrying about your past and future.

Some people choose to live very modest lives yet they are completely fulfilled and satisfied. Their job may be fairly basic and simple, but they are fulfilled. When they go out, they spend their time with friends and family or other people that matter to them. They choose to enjoy their life from the inside out. If they make enough money to afford such a lifestyle and they set some extra money aside, they are financially free.

Avoiding debt is key to financial freedom. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Life can be difficult, and it gets tougher the deeper into debt you go. Options become limited and you will get squeezed until you can no longer make money decisions for yourself. You never want others making financial decisions for you.

Financial stress is the No. 1 cause of divorce and has a shocking effect on people’s mental wellness. Living paycheck to paycheck, walking that razors edge, is the primary cause of financial stress. For example, the recent US Government lockout during 2019 pushed many families to the brink of ruin. An estimated 75% of Government workers were living paycheck to paycheck without any savings at all.

Being financially free does not mean you are living your dream life. We are strictly talking finance here. Your standards and expectations will play a crucial role in determining YOUR definition of what is good enough in terms of creating a lifestyle you will be satisfied with while you are building your financial future.

If you control your emotions, you can enjoy financial freedom for your entire life, even while you are working to reach a standard that excites and motivates you. That internal vision of how you want your life to look will be the catalyst that drives you to excel; to build upon the successful strategies you will learn here.

While you embark on your journey to financial freedom, you will subconsciously create a lifestyle based on your self-efficacy which is your belief in your ability to fashion your future. So, starting right can send ripples of change that can propel you places you may have not thought possible. Conversely, the lower your self-efficacy, the less you will strive for. This is a road you don’t want to be on. It is filled with rationalization and doubt.

If you think about it, a homeless person can be considered financially free, as long as they can panhandle enough money to buy themselves food and water. But the living conditions may not be what they desire and so although they are financially fee, they are most probably not living a fulfilling happy life.

Children are also financially free, but again, depending on their living conditions, their lives may be full of joy and happiness or they may be living a miserable existence and the unfortunate part of childhood is children have little to no choice in the matter. As a child you are at the mercy of your parents who provide their living conditions. For the children who have financial security, but have parents that are uneducated financially, Mom and Dad may inadvertently bring home stresses and anxiety that they foolishly believe their children don’t notice; often causing additional damage for unprepared youngsters.

Creating financial freedom is available to everyone and makes financial planning a natural next step so one day you can find yourself in a place where you have the money to do as you like, wherever you like, whenever you like without limitations.



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ATTENTION: Trading involves substantial risk and is not for every investor. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones’ financial security or lifestyle. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading.  It must be clear to every user that trading in financial products such as securities, CFDs and all other trading products can be very risky due to large price fluctuations and in the worst case you can lose more than your invested capital. Many brokers are also liable for losses that exceed your trading capital. So you can lose more money than there is in your account. Each user always acts on their own responsibility, at their own endangerment and risk. is not liable for any damage or loss caused by our trading signals. By ordering and using any of our products offered here, you acknowledge that we do not offer financial advice and that you make the sole decision to copy strategic trading into your own trading account. We have no knowledge of the types, amounts and risks of money you are trading and/or entering into any trade. Past results are no guarantee that they will lead to similar results in the future. Trade responsibly.

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