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First and foremost, congratulations on taking the initiative to set yourself up for financial success. The reality is most people will never attain financial success because they don’t take the time to learn about money. We use money each and every day and money is a part of every aspect of life, yet most people have no clue how to use and manage money to create great wealth. What you are going to learn in these chapters are pearls of wisdom that anyone can use to guarantee financial freedom.

Now that is a very bold statement, but if you were to act on the information you are about to learn, there is virtually no way you could not attain financial freedom. We cannot tell you how long it will take to attain the freedom you are seeking, but the sooner you get started and the longer you use these principles, the greater financial success you will attain. Time can either be seen as your ally or your enemy. No matter how much time you do have, time becomes your ally the moment you get started. That being said, the sooner you start applying these principles and techniques the more likely you will reach your financial goals.

We all dream of a life where we feel weightless and free, passing through life worry free, able to be and do whatever we want whenever we want? I think we can all agree that a key element to this becoming a reality is a bank account full of money.

You probably don’t need me to tell you the statistics, but 11% of people in first world countries have enough money to maintain themselves in retirement and maybe only 4% of these fortunate few have more than enough to live the life they always dreamed of in retirement. That leaves 89% of the population in a very scary place financially and emotionally. This doesn’t have to be you. You can be among the top 4% if you are willing to learn from the mistakes of others and take advantage of the wisdom you will receive from these pages.

What is money? Money is nothing more than a tool that allows you to attain your goals and dreams. If you want to travel often, live in a nice home in a popular neighborhood, drive a new car every three years, dine out regularly at fine restaurants, give generously… the reality is it takes money. Unfortunately far too many people don’t get to choose their lifestyle, but their lifestyle is chosen for them based on how well they manage their money! Follow what will be shared through this program and you will get to choose your lifestyle.

Something you will learn in this program is how making short term financial decisions can manifest themselves exponentially in the long term both positively and negatively. We believe that a good education is an excellent foundation to build your wealth on. It all starts with any form of education that provides you the necessary skills to generate income. It’s important to note that your education should not stop there; learning proven financial freedom concepts and ideas will allow you to multiply the money you earn throughout your income generating career. Also, something that people do not think about seriously enough is investing in themselves to increase their ability to generate even more money within their chosen career. This is why personal development is so vital to release your full potential in all areas for your life, not only financially.

We appreciate the opportunity to share our thoughts on how you can achieve the lifestyle you desire.

Are you ready? We are… Lets get started.



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ATTENTION: Trading involves substantial risk and is not for every investor. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones’ financial security or lifestyle. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading.  It must be clear to every user that trading in financial products such as securities, CFDs and all other trading products can be very risky due to large price fluctuations and in the worst case you can lose more than your invested capital. Many brokers are also liable for losses that exceed your trading capital. So you can lose more money than there is in your account. Each user always acts on their own responsibility, at their own endangerment and risk. MicronInvestments.com is not liable for any damage or loss caused by our trading signals. By ordering and using any of our products offered here, you acknowledge that we do not offer financial advice and that you make the sole decision to copy strategic trading into your own trading account. We have no knowledge of the types, amounts and risks of money you are trading and/or entering into any trade. Past results are no guarantee that they will lead to similar results in the future. Trade responsibly.

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